Please, save the list of students with their name, lastname, email, etc, in one Excel, to create a data base in the future.

    Course summary: one text about the course, minimum 20 lines, with some pictures. In this text you must include minimum 5 words from the next list (take into account, for example “Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School” is one word):

    Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (not use the acronym)

    Rigo Concept
    Physiotherapy for Scoliosis
    Physiotherapy exercises
    Exercises for scoliosis
    Based on Schroth method
    Scoliosis treatment
    Treatment for scoliosis
    How to treat scoliosis
    What is scoliosis
    Scoliosis brace
    Degenerative scoliosis
    Thoracic scoliosis
    Lumbar scoliosis
    Scoliosis treatment options
    Scoliosis prognosis
    Scoliosis diagnosis
    Severe scoliosis
    Scoliosis treatment without surgery
    Non surgical scoliosis treatment

    We will post your course summary in BSPTS website. It’s very important to use the terms that you have in the list.

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